Sunday, 25 April 2010

I am so weak ...

when it comes to Primark. I used to hate the place, it always looked like a jumble sale and I could never find anything I really liked. It used to really annoy me when I would see someone in a nice top, a cute skirt or a funky cardigan, and they would say they got it from Primark. Why was it I could never find anything!?

I have come to a conclusion. As I hated the layout of the shop and the initial idea of buying anything cheap, this is why I couldn't find anything. The reason I have realised this is because since being a student I live in there. Not even an exaggeration. After lectures I find myself going into town and I HAVE to have a quick look in there. For a number of reasons I think my love for Primark has grown.

1. I have to budget my amazingly addictive shopping habit so for cute purchases this is one of the best places.
2. Because I know I won't be able to find anything within a budget anywhere else I take more time to look around.
3. As it is so cheap I know I can buy lots of different things and know it still won't be overally expensive.

The list could go on...

The reason for this post is today I went on a Primark Spree. I found the most gorgeous shoes which at £12 seem quite expensive for Primark but in reality they are still cheap and cheerful.

I was extremely happy when I got these little beauties home. Really comfortable, beautiful colour and fantastic for summer (oh and my holiday :) )

Now guys tell me these do not look like Primark shoes?



  1. omg they are beautiful.. and do not look like they are from primark... I think I need a primark trip now lol x

  2. i am going back for the other colours :) primark is going up in my estimations! x