Sunday, 30 May 2010

I'm Back

Hello Guys,

I am back from Turkey. I had the most amazing time ever. Sorry it has taken me so long to write back on here, but I have been non stop since landing, and so so tired. I will share my photo's with all of you when I get the chance to upload them.

I was really spoilt, staying at a 5 star hotel which looked like it was on its own private island and with three private beaches - I was actually in paradise. On the down side I do have the patchiest tan I have ever seen. I was using factor 30 which I thought was high enough but I still managed to burn.

The thing is though the places that I have burnt I have tanned, and the rest of me is slightly tanned but you wouldn't be able to tell. I know I have a slight colour, but compared to my boyfriend I haven't changed at all! Oh well.

I am now nice and relaxed, just a bit disappointed that the weather for the bank holiday isn't that great, especially when I am used to high 20's all week. Lets hope it brightens up.

Hope you're all okay!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Just a quickie ...

Hello All,

Just thought I would leave a little message before I jet off into the sunshine. I must admit I am quite nervous now that the day has come, I really hope I don't make a scene on the plane - how embarrassing. I just will just think of the sun, sea and yummy cocktails!

I am all ready and raring to go, even if it looks like I have packed to go for a whole month. I weighed my suitcase last night and it was well under the weight but lets hope when I get there it's not much more (hello more money and embarrassment!) I have my 'Cosmo' & 'More' magazine to keep me occupied for some of the journey, as well as my ipod. Being with my boyfriend I also have that someone to annoy for the whole way :)

I will update you all when I get back! Hope you all have a lovely week!!

See you soon

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Hello Lovelies,

I hope you're all okay. I just wanted to apoligise about the lack of posting yesterday. I had the most stressful day to date I think. It was my interview at John Lewis in Southampton yesterday morning, and I really didn't think I would make it on time. Funny enough I didn't. Travelling by car, is always risky you have to add extra time for traffic and any other obstacles, but yesterday was beyond a joke. Something major had happened on the m3 the main motorway to Southampton from where I live so we had to take a major detour.

There I was working up a sweat and going into panic mode about being late. I rang the lady I was meeting and explained the situation, I really thought she wouldn't be so nice about it "Oh you poor thing, come in when you can I am here until quarter past two, lets hope you get in before then or you've had an awful time, safe journey down". Wow I thought, people really do understand! Anyway I got there an hour and half late (3 and half hours to get to Southy!!), but she was waiting for me. The meeting/interview went really well.

Guess what guys? I have managed to bag myself a two week work experience in September to work on women's wear doing the VM and Promotion, I will also be going on days out to see how the whole process works - I am beyond excited. The icing on the cake is that they normally offer permanant positions once a week to work around uni, paid and you learn more about the industry! Whoopeee :)

It just tops my week off really, work experience sorted, place for next year sorted and holiday tomorrow :) I will probaby post later on too to show you how much I am packing!

Take care


Monday, 17 May 2010

Shopping is the answer to everything ...

well maybe not everything but it certainly helps when you're feeling down in the dumps. That has been me for the past week or so, I am not sure why either. My friend Amber suggested a shopping trip today, as you probably all know I didn't turn it down. I did think that I wouldn't spend anything because to be honest my bank balance is not looking too healthy at the moment - especially with having just paid out for my holiday and spending money!

But as per usual I didn't leave the town empty handed (really bad I know) but the plus side is I actually didn't spend a penny! I found a New Look voucher in my purse, which I wasn't sure still had anything on, but I thought it was worth a check. My purchases came to £14.40 and funny enough my voucher had £14.20 on it, how cool is that? Proper freaky, but also super handy.

I have had my eye on a little crop top for a while, I am not daring enough to wear it without anything underneath which is why my ideas have had to be put on hold for a while. Well that was until I found this beauty today which actually looks so much better with a top underneath it. It was smack bang at the front of the shop all dressed up with a beige strap top under neath and a stunning necklace. I had to buy the whole lot! Well actually I had them all in my hand heading straight for the till when I realised amongst my piles of clothes at home I actually have a beige strap top, so I put that down (how good of me!?).

I must admit I didn't need the necklace but when you see how pretty it all looks together on a mannequin it is so hard to object. I am so looking forward to wearing this with my hot pants on holiday or my bargain trousers I bought the other day (on a previous post). I am a proud shopaholic, I am still smiling now, even when my drawers aren't closing and my wardrobe door is ajar, but hey I look spending not alot I can do about that!

I am still going to buy another couple of crop tops if I see any that take my fancy, any ideas guys?


Sunday, 16 May 2010

This is a god send...

for those pale ladies out there. Okay so because I don't tan naturally I have always tried to find a supplement that can help me out. Most of them go orange, and streaky after a few days (even those really expensive ones!) but I have found the best one for that natural glow without the patchiness and the expensive price tag.

It is from Avon (for those that don't know Avon is a beauty catalogue that gets sent to your door and you can order straight from it). I must admit I was a bit aprehensive to try something 'cheap' especially because they tend to be the ones that go wrong the most, but I was suprisingly wrong.

It is only £3.50 or two for a fiver (which I got). It is called Skin So Soft, and is just a body moisturiser with a hint of fake tan it. It does take up to three days to see the result, after applying it everyday. But it looks so natural and not yellow or orange - just right.

Even better it doesn't have that horrible fake tan smell and it dries really really quickly! If you need a quick fix then I would recommend this one highly!

Anyone else use it?


Saturday, 15 May 2010

I just love ...

painting my nails. Barry M is my favourite nail varnish but I just can't help myself from buying other nail varnishes when I love the colour. I have never been very good at painting my own nails but with Barry M it is near on impossible to screw it up. The thin brush is ideal for women with smaller nails just like myself because its easy to touch them up if they chip and also whilst painting them it reduces the splodges you usually get around your finger.

These are the nail varnishes I use the most, but my favourite is the bright pink by Barry M. I just love how it looks and it is so girly and summery! I am going to add to my collection on monday when I go 'last minute holiday shopping' just so I am stocked up with candy colours to keep my nails looking delicious!

Anyone else love Barry M?


Friday, 14 May 2010

Work Experience

placements seem to be flying at me from every angle - finally. After all those letters and emails I seem to actually be getting somewhere. I have just been offered another work experience placement!! This time at John Lewis in Southampton. I am having to wait until September to do the actual placement but they have asked me to go in forf an interview on Tuesday. I am quite nervous, I haven't had to have an interview for a long time. I mean what do you wear? I don't want to be all suited and booted as I don't feel comfortable but then I don't want to look too casual and effortless.

I was thinking my black linens, little dolly pumps and the top below.

I will be wearing a black vest top underneath this top or it is a little bit too revealing, what do you guys think?

I am so happy that I seem to be, being repaid for all my hard work, I just hope this one happens unlike my other. Having said that they are going to check their diary and see if they can fit me in September, if they do then I am going to have such a busy month! Never mind well worth it!

Hope you're all okay