Friday, 30 April 2010

I have been shopping...

again.I don't even really have the money to keep on spending but I actually can't stop! As mentioned in an earlier post, I needed a bikini for my holiday. Today I went shopping for that but I didn't come away with JUST a bikini!
Hemel town centre is usually a let down but today it suprised me, I actually managed to find a one. I thought this would be the hardest shopping trip ever as I am so fussy, but I didn't just find one but three! Funny enough I bought them all :)

I absolutely adore short and halterneck bikini's, they suit my curvy figure well. The red & black one is from M&S (I don't normally shop in there but I saw it in the window), the stripey one is from Peacocks and the multi coloured glittery one is from New Look. All three came to under £35. Not bad.

What do you guys think?

After finding my bikini's it put me in a proper holiday shopping mode, so I headed straight for New Look. They have got some gorgeous holiday must haves at the moment and with 20% student discount up until the middle of may you just can't go wrong can you?

This top was only £10.80 with the discount and comes in a variety of different colours. Mint green is my favourite colour at the moment! I thought it would look great with a pair of white linens or my dark denim wash shorts. I can't wait to wear it!

I still feel like I need some more clothes for my holiday so I am sure I will be on the look out until I go.

Have any of you bought any summer bargain purchases recently?
Hope you're all well


Thursday, 29 April 2010

Pressure is not even the word

to describe how I feel right now. First off I have to apoligise for not blogging yesterday, I literally walked through the door after my lovely train journey (feeling extremely tired and gross) and left again ready to meet my boyfriend. I didn't even have time to have a drink! I hate rushing. I usually forget things, which is never good, especially my phone or my purse (trust me I've done it!)

Anyway today is not much better, still tired from all the long journeys and the really early start this morning (6 am to be precise or stupid o clock in my dictionary) and now I am four days behind schedule. I only wanted to print my magazine spread I did earlier today so I could save pennies, but now it's playing up and won't open. It's really bugging me! I just hope I can get it all printed and annotated on tuesday if no one saves the day this weekend. The pressure is now on!

However to keep the general gist of my blog, I did go shopping today. I find it really theraputic, and completely forget about everything I have to do. I was on a proper bargain hunt - Matalan is my new best friend (for now!). I got a pair of cotton shorts and a stripey boob tube for £5! Yes you read that right! I mean thats not bad for lounging clothes is it?

(picture sourced from Matalan website)

I hope you're all okay and if any of you can help with my Mac query I would appreciate it :)


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I really didn't think it would be so hard

to commute back and forth to uni everyday. Today is the first day and I can safely say I am shattered. I know people think student life is easy, but today I really did work my socks off. I have deadlines closely approaching, and a work experience to attend so I need to make sure ALL of my work is completed by next Wednesday! I am hoping that everything will be done by then. Fingers crossed.

Here I am moaning about commuting, but how am I going to survive later on in life when I get a job? Lets say I get a job in London I am going to have to be out the house at the crack of dawn and back when the sun is setting. I best buck up my ideas so I am ready for it, but not only that my full time job during the summer is going to be just as demanding.

Okay so student life is easy compared to some, but honestly we do work our little butts off even if we do get lie ins - thats fair right?

Hope you're all okay. Best get off to bed (yes I know its early but I need to be up at 7!)


Monday, 26 April 2010

Ins & Outs #1

(picture found on photobucket)


♥ Finishing the majority of my uni work three weeks early meaning I can come home earlier, laze about and enjoy my time before I start full time work throughout the summer.

♥ Recieving an email from my work experience placement- it's very nearly finalised!

♥ My friends for making awesome plans for the long summer ahead & my mum for keeping me cheery and making my life a little bit easier at the moment. Bless

♥ My boyfriend for raising my spirits with plans for our holiday - scuba diving, jet skiing and probably other things daring! (teeny weeny bit scared)

♥ My bargain Primark summer spree


♥ The crappy weather yesterday and today - where has the sun gone!?

♥ Lack of money - which like most students will be a persistent problem until I get that well earned job. Only down is I can't fix my car at the moment, walking it is then!

♥ Constant down moments and worrying. Will not go into details but I'm sure its a girl thing and I'll get over it! :)

♥ Lack of motivation - my 2000 word essay still needs that final tweaking, any offers would be greatly appreciated?

♥ I can't find a decent bikini for my holiday - help anyone?

Any ideas from all of you lovelies would be fantastic!

Hope you've all had lovely weekends!


Sunday, 25 April 2010

I am so weak ...

when it comes to Primark. I used to hate the place, it always looked like a jumble sale and I could never find anything I really liked. It used to really annoy me when I would see someone in a nice top, a cute skirt or a funky cardigan, and they would say they got it from Primark. Why was it I could never find anything!?

I have come to a conclusion. As I hated the layout of the shop and the initial idea of buying anything cheap, this is why I couldn't find anything. The reason I have realised this is because since being a student I live in there. Not even an exaggeration. After lectures I find myself going into town and I HAVE to have a quick look in there. For a number of reasons I think my love for Primark has grown.

1. I have to budget my amazingly addictive shopping habit so for cute purchases this is one of the best places.
2. Because I know I won't be able to find anything within a budget anywhere else I take more time to look around.
3. As it is so cheap I know I can buy lots of different things and know it still won't be overally expensive.

The list could go on...

The reason for this post is today I went on a Primark Spree. I found the most gorgeous shoes which at £12 seem quite expensive for Primark but in reality they are still cheap and cheerful.

I was extremely happy when I got these little beauties home. Really comfortable, beautiful colour and fantastic for summer (oh and my holiday :) )

Now guys tell me these do not look like Primark shoes?


Sorry it's late ...

I'm not going to bore you all with excuses to why the photo is late. The only one I have is, I was a little worse for wear yesterday!

But anyway here is the beautiful summer top that I urge you all to buy!

Let me know what you think :)


Friday, 23 April 2010

It's true I'm addicted ...

to shopping. Went to town today with my boyfriends mum and her friend so they could pick up pieces they needed. But funny enough I had to buy something as always. At the moment I am on the hunt for a new summer wardrobe in time for my holiday (I am beginning to get really excited its been nearly two years since I have been abroad!).

I must admit me and New Look aren't great friends at the moment. It seems every linen top or summer floaty top they have in there either squash me all in or boost me all up (I think you can all guess what I mean) which definitely is not a good look. Having said that I did buy a top today, similar style to these tops im complaining about, yet this one has an amazing floral design on it. The only problem it is that it is slightly see through so all my brightly coloured bras are a no go here.

I will add a photo tomorrow when I am home. I best start getting ready got a St George's Day golf party to go to!

Hope you're all well :)


Thursday, 22 April 2010

Thursdays are my favourite days...

as I normally come home from uni. I know this sounds really silly but I must admit I am such a home girl. Okay so the uni life is good (to some extent) but I much rather prefer to be back with all my home comforts. I miss my mum, my friends and my boyfriend too much when I'm away.

It is really scary that I am nearing my first year of uni! I have literally two weeks left and a magazine spread to finish - fingers crossed everything goes okay and I can come home. It seems already I have a packed summer ahead of me. I am starting work on the 1st June until the 1st September full time at Butlins call centre where I used to work. Will be so good to see everyone! Along with going on holiday at the end of May and possibly again in September (not bad for a student eh? :) )

Today though I have finalised my work experience placement at Marks and Spencer in my home town doing VM and promotion. I am SO excited, I can't explain how much I am looking forward to it. I do have to thank my friends though. Even though I was keeping on top of it all, my friends urged the merchandiser to respond to me. Funny story really - my friends work in Starbucks, and the merchandiser visits there on her lunch break. They asked her if she had replied to me and were 'bigging' me up so to say. In my inbox this morning was a confirmation email. I CANNOT WAIT!

(photo sourced on google)

Wish me luck! Hope you're all well


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Here's some I did earlier ...

As you all know I am a first year student. I am studying writing fashion & culture which basically covers everything you can possibly think of within the fashion industry. My current project is to create a magazine double spread, you got it ... the photos, the article, the layout and all the little bits that come with it.

I thought I would share a few of my photos with you all. So here are some of my photos taken from my shoot. I have styled them and taken them myself.

The shoot was based on a S/S up and coming trend. I chose to do nude but with black accessories, and with a slight fairytale element to it.

Please excuse the little logo's in the corner I did those really quickly. If anyone wants to use them then please ask me and we'll work something out.

These are only a few of the photos from the shoot but what do you guys think? Any feedback would be much appreciated!


Monday, 19 April 2010

I think I may have fallen in love ...

(photo sourced from Topshop website)

Its nearly festival time and it looks as though Topshop are well and truely ready for the sun blazing, the music blaring and those funky festival outfits. Some of the clothes from this collection are awesome, but this one was calling out for me. I must admit since being at uni my many sprees spent in Topshop have had to be cut short. Its such a shame they have bumped up their prices, you expect it from their designer lines, but not their basics. Lets just hope its not going to stay this way!

All this summer weather is getting me ready and raring to go on my holiday! Not long now guys. 4 weeks and 3 days, not that I am counting of course :)


Sunday, 18 April 2010

All work & no play ...

I'm so tired. The past two days have been so stressful. I have been drowned with uni work, when really I should be out enjoying the beautiful sunshine. I suppose this is to be expected considering my first year is nearly over. I honestly can't believe how quickly it has gone.
Sitting writing my essay, sun glaring through the window I began to dispise Paul Poiret. Deep down I knew it had to be done, but instead I would have preferred to be tanning myself outside.
I didn't realise just how influential he still is, a century on to the designers of today. It totally fascinates me! Scouring the internet, Marc Jacobs was a name that was continually mentioned. His whole 2007 s/s collection was heavily influenced by Poiret.
(photo sourced from New Look website)
Love Harem Pants? Thank Paul Poiret! Oh and of course New Look for this lush pair as seen above! The next time you're in your favourite shop just think most of the clothes have probably been influenced from trends and fashions years ago!

The fashion world will never fail to amaze me.


Friday, 16 April 2010


First of all I am a new blogger, I have tried to 'blog' before but I couldn't quite get to grips with it! Fingers crossed it works this time!
To begin with you will just have to bare with me until I get into the flow :)
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Ellen and I have created this blog so I can share my passions with all of you.
I spend all my time obsessing about fashion and if I am not doing that then I am out shopping for it! You will begin to learn that I have a major addiction with shopping. I thought what better way to share my ideas, purchases and thoughts than through a blog, so that answers why I am here.
Being a student I will hope to bring you some of the best buys, ideas for my uni work and who knows maybe you guys can help me from time to time?
I am currently finishing my first year at Southampton Solent which means my work load is extreme. I will share my work with you once I have finished and have the time to dedicate myself to you.
I promise I will get better at this over the next couple of weeks.
That's it for this morning.
Be nice :)