Monday, 26 April 2010

Ins & Outs #1

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♥ Finishing the majority of my uni work three weeks early meaning I can come home earlier, laze about and enjoy my time before I start full time work throughout the summer.

♥ Recieving an email from my work experience placement- it's very nearly finalised!

♥ My friends for making awesome plans for the long summer ahead & my mum for keeping me cheery and making my life a little bit easier at the moment. Bless

♥ My boyfriend for raising my spirits with plans for our holiday - scuba diving, jet skiing and probably other things daring! (teeny weeny bit scared)

♥ My bargain Primark summer spree


♥ The crappy weather yesterday and today - where has the sun gone!?

♥ Lack of money - which like most students will be a persistent problem until I get that well earned job. Only down is I can't fix my car at the moment, walking it is then!

♥ Constant down moments and worrying. Will not go into details but I'm sure its a girl thing and I'll get over it! :)

♥ Lack of motivation - my 2000 word essay still needs that final tweaking, any offers would be greatly appreciated?

♥ I can't find a decent bikini for my holiday - help anyone?

Any ideas from all of you lovelies would be fantastic!

Hope you've all had lovely weekends!


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