Friday, 23 April 2010

It's true I'm addicted ...

to shopping. Went to town today with my boyfriends mum and her friend so they could pick up pieces they needed. But funny enough I had to buy something as always. At the moment I am on the hunt for a new summer wardrobe in time for my holiday (I am beginning to get really excited its been nearly two years since I have been abroad!).

I must admit me and New Look aren't great friends at the moment. It seems every linen top or summer floaty top they have in there either squash me all in or boost me all up (I think you can all guess what I mean) which definitely is not a good look. Having said that I did buy a top today, similar style to these tops im complaining about, yet this one has an amazing floral design on it. The only problem it is that it is slightly see through so all my brightly coloured bras are a no go here.

I will add a photo tomorrow when I am home. I best start getting ready got a St George's Day golf party to go to!

Hope you're all well :)



  1. Hihi yeah I know, I always buy stuff even though it wasen't intended ^_^ Wanna see what you got :D

  2. I have added the photo to another post above :) I think every girl does the same thing, always come away with something they don't intend on doing .. its like law :) x