Thursday, 22 April 2010

Thursdays are my favourite days...

as I normally come home from uni. I know this sounds really silly but I must admit I am such a home girl. Okay so the uni life is good (to some extent) but I much rather prefer to be back with all my home comforts. I miss my mum, my friends and my boyfriend too much when I'm away.

It is really scary that I am nearing my first year of uni! I have literally two weeks left and a magazine spread to finish - fingers crossed everything goes okay and I can come home. It seems already I have a packed summer ahead of me. I am starting work on the 1st June until the 1st September full time at Butlins call centre where I used to work. Will be so good to see everyone! Along with going on holiday at the end of May and possibly again in September (not bad for a student eh? :) )

Today though I have finalised my work experience placement at Marks and Spencer in my home town doing VM and promotion. I am SO excited, I can't explain how much I am looking forward to it. I do have to thank my friends though. Even though I was keeping on top of it all, my friends urged the merchandiser to respond to me. Funny story really - my friends work in Starbucks, and the merchandiser visits there on her lunch break. They asked her if she had replied to me and were 'bigging' me up so to say. In my inbox this morning was a confirmation email. I CANNOT WAIT!

(photo sourced on google)

Wish me luck! Hope you're all well



  1. So glad you're home and happy sweety :) Always a phonecall/text away if you need me! Your work experience sounds so good, you'll have to blog about it so we know what it's like there ;D XO

  2. Thanks hon, means alot :) I will be around uni until all work is done so I am sure you'll see me :D and of course when you live with me next year ;) hehe ... oh I can't explain to you how excited I am about it, of course I'll blog ;) xx