Friday, 16 April 2010


First of all I am a new blogger, I have tried to 'blog' before but I couldn't quite get to grips with it! Fingers crossed it works this time!
To begin with you will just have to bare with me until I get into the flow :)
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Ellen and I have created this blog so I can share my passions with all of you.
I spend all my time obsessing about fashion and if I am not doing that then I am out shopping for it! You will begin to learn that I have a major addiction with shopping. I thought what better way to share my ideas, purchases and thoughts than through a blog, so that answers why I am here.
Being a student I will hope to bring you some of the best buys, ideas for my uni work and who knows maybe you guys can help me from time to time?
I am currently finishing my first year at Southampton Solent which means my work load is extreme. I will share my work with you once I have finished and have the time to dedicate myself to you.
I promise I will get better at this over the next couple of weeks.
That's it for this morning.
Be nice :)


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