Saturday, 8 May 2010

Everything is so cliche...

In One Tree Hill but I love it. I am a total obssesive. I have spent my Saturday chilling out watching series 5. I was bought it for my birthday and just haven't had the time to watch them all, but I can safely say I am nearly finished - two episodes to go.

It is so addictive and deep down I really wish my life was as perfect as it seems there. I know its fictional but it doesn't stop a girl fantasising about how everything is meant to pan out. Call me sad but I know a few girls that do the same. It probably helps that Chad Michael Murray & James Lafferty are topless most of the time, oh and they make out they're the perfect man.

We all know that's hard to find, so two in the same place is pushing it surely? :)

(pictures sourced through Google)

I have never been one to be addicted to a tv programme but for some reason this one has got me hooked. I remember when it first started and they showed it on a Saturday and Sunday morning on T4. I used to watch it whilst getting ready for work, and since then I have been hunting down the box sets (I still only have series 1 & 5 - don't ask me how this happened!)

But I am one happy girl with my cuppa, chocolate and my OTH fix - perfect saturday to me.

Got a lovely Indian tonight with my bestie to look forward to :)


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