Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Look what I found...

This top is years old. Well not years, but a few. I reckon I must have bought this when I was about 17. I think this proves my post yesterday right, of how I can't get rid of anything. To be honest I completely forgot I even had this. Back then I was really quite shy and only remember wearing this once to an 18th party, but topped it with a cardigan so no one saw its full potential.

I thought this would be ideal with my denim hot pants for my holiday. Saves me a few pennies, now I have gained an extra top. It's amazing what you find in your own bedroom. Maybe I should really listen to my Mum more and sort my room out on a regular basis. In hindsight would probably save me a lot of money. But hey wheres the fun in that!?

Hope you're all well



  1. thats such a gorgeous top and it has not gone out of fashion, yay :)

  2. thank you :) yes i know lets hope it still does the job with a pair of denims :) x