Friday, 14 May 2010

Work Experience

placements seem to be flying at me from every angle - finally. After all those letters and emails I seem to actually be getting somewhere. I have just been offered another work experience placement!! This time at John Lewis in Southampton. I am having to wait until September to do the actual placement but they have asked me to go in forf an interview on Tuesday. I am quite nervous, I haven't had to have an interview for a long time. I mean what do you wear? I don't want to be all suited and booted as I don't feel comfortable but then I don't want to look too casual and effortless.

I was thinking my black linens, little dolly pumps and the top below.

I will be wearing a black vest top underneath this top or it is a little bit too revealing, what do you guys think?

I am so happy that I seem to be, being repaid for all my hard work, I just hope this one happens unlike my other. Having said that they are going to check their diary and see if they can fit me in September, if they do then I am going to have such a busy month! Never mind well worth it!

Hope you're all okay


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