Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I really didn't think it would be so hard

to commute back and forth to uni everyday. Today is the first day and I can safely say I am shattered. I know people think student life is easy, but today I really did work my socks off. I have deadlines closely approaching, and a work experience to attend so I need to make sure ALL of my work is completed by next Wednesday! I am hoping that everything will be done by then. Fingers crossed.

Here I am moaning about commuting, but how am I going to survive later on in life when I get a job? Lets say I get a job in London I am going to have to be out the house at the crack of dawn and back when the sun is setting. I best buck up my ideas so I am ready for it, but not only that my full time job during the summer is going to be just as demanding.

Okay so student life is easy compared to some, but honestly we do work our little butts off even if we do get lie ins - thats fair right?

Hope you're all okay. Best get off to bed (yes I know its early but I need to be up at 7!)


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