Thursday, 29 April 2010

Pressure is not even the word

to describe how I feel right now. First off I have to apoligise for not blogging yesterday, I literally walked through the door after my lovely train journey (feeling extremely tired and gross) and left again ready to meet my boyfriend. I didn't even have time to have a drink! I hate rushing. I usually forget things, which is never good, especially my phone or my purse (trust me I've done it!)

Anyway today is not much better, still tired from all the long journeys and the really early start this morning (6 am to be precise or stupid o clock in my dictionary) and now I am four days behind schedule. I only wanted to print my magazine spread I did earlier today so I could save pennies, but now it's playing up and won't open. It's really bugging me! I just hope I can get it all printed and annotated on tuesday if no one saves the day this weekend. The pressure is now on!

However to keep the general gist of my blog, I did go shopping today. I find it really theraputic, and completely forget about everything I have to do. I was on a proper bargain hunt - Matalan is my new best friend (for now!). I got a pair of cotton shorts and a stripey boob tube for £5! Yes you read that right! I mean thats not bad for lounging clothes is it?

(picture sourced from Matalan website)

I hope you're all okay and if any of you can help with my Mac query I would appreciate it :)


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