Monday, 19 April 2010

I think I may have fallen in love ...

(photo sourced from Topshop website)

Its nearly festival time and it looks as though Topshop are well and truely ready for the sun blazing, the music blaring and those funky festival outfits. Some of the clothes from this collection are awesome, but this one was calling out for me. I must admit since being at uni my many sprees spent in Topshop have had to be cut short. Its such a shame they have bumped up their prices, you expect it from their designer lines, but not their basics. Lets just hope its not going to stay this way!

All this summer weather is getting me ready and raring to go on my holiday! Not long now guys. 4 weeks and 3 days, not that I am counting of course :)



  1. i bought this today! i loveee it :) x

  2. it is so beautiful, does it look just as good on too? :) x

  3. really cute top!!
    & thanks for your sweet comment on my blog & the follow!

  4. thats no worries :) thank you for the return. I think this is soon going to be in my wardrobe :) xx