Monday, 10 May 2010

I think I have a serious problem...

with shopping. I know I joke about it, but seriously I am spending far too much right now when I should be saving for my holiday. But as my friend said to me the other day, spend it while you can you never know whats going to happen. Slightly pessimistic but she is right.

Anyway enough of the philosophies I went shopping with my friend today. I was in such a spending mood so I was pretty impressed with only spending £30. I actually bought a whole outift! Let me share it with you below.

Sorry about the picture quality, got a very messy room at the moment! *cringe*

Top Republic £15.49 with student discount

Leggings New Look £10 in the sale (nice suprise when I got them to the till!)

Sandals Primark £6!

What do you all think? Not bad for a whole outfit I didn't think! :)



  1. lovely outfit, those sandals are so cute

  2. its my primark obsession again :) xx