Thursday, 20 May 2010

Just a quickie ...

Hello All,

Just thought I would leave a little message before I jet off into the sunshine. I must admit I am quite nervous now that the day has come, I really hope I don't make a scene on the plane - how embarrassing. I just will just think of the sun, sea and yummy cocktails!

I am all ready and raring to go, even if it looks like I have packed to go for a whole month. I weighed my suitcase last night and it was well under the weight but lets hope when I get there it's not much more (hello more money and embarrassment!) I have my 'Cosmo' & 'More' magazine to keep me occupied for some of the journey, as well as my ipod. Being with my boyfriend I also have that someone to annoy for the whole way :)

I will update you all when I get back! Hope you all have a lovely week!!

See you soon

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