Monday, 17 May 2010

Shopping is the answer to everything ...

well maybe not everything but it certainly helps when you're feeling down in the dumps. That has been me for the past week or so, I am not sure why either. My friend Amber suggested a shopping trip today, as you probably all know I didn't turn it down. I did think that I wouldn't spend anything because to be honest my bank balance is not looking too healthy at the moment - especially with having just paid out for my holiday and spending money!

But as per usual I didn't leave the town empty handed (really bad I know) but the plus side is I actually didn't spend a penny! I found a New Look voucher in my purse, which I wasn't sure still had anything on, but I thought it was worth a check. My purchases came to £14.40 and funny enough my voucher had £14.20 on it, how cool is that? Proper freaky, but also super handy.

I have had my eye on a little crop top for a while, I am not daring enough to wear it without anything underneath which is why my ideas have had to be put on hold for a while. Well that was until I found this beauty today which actually looks so much better with a top underneath it. It was smack bang at the front of the shop all dressed up with a beige strap top under neath and a stunning necklace. I had to buy the whole lot! Well actually I had them all in my hand heading straight for the till when I realised amongst my piles of clothes at home I actually have a beige strap top, so I put that down (how good of me!?).

I must admit I didn't need the necklace but when you see how pretty it all looks together on a mannequin it is so hard to object. I am so looking forward to wearing this with my hot pants on holiday or my bargain trousers I bought the other day (on a previous post). I am a proud shopaholic, I am still smiling now, even when my drawers aren't closing and my wardrobe door is ajar, but hey I look spending not alot I can do about that!

I am still going to buy another couple of crop tops if I see any that take my fancy, any ideas guys?


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