Sunday, 16 May 2010

This is a god send...

for those pale ladies out there. Okay so because I don't tan naturally I have always tried to find a supplement that can help me out. Most of them go orange, and streaky after a few days (even those really expensive ones!) but I have found the best one for that natural glow without the patchiness and the expensive price tag.

It is from Avon (for those that don't know Avon is a beauty catalogue that gets sent to your door and you can order straight from it). I must admit I was a bit aprehensive to try something 'cheap' especially because they tend to be the ones that go wrong the most, but I was suprisingly wrong.

It is only £3.50 or two for a fiver (which I got). It is called Skin So Soft, and is just a body moisturiser with a hint of fake tan it. It does take up to three days to see the result, after applying it everyday. But it looks so natural and not yellow or orange - just right.

Even better it doesn't have that horrible fake tan smell and it dries really really quickly! If you need a quick fix then I would recommend this one highly!

Anyone else use it?



  1. Tempting tempting, Ellen! I need a tan so badly, and it looks like a fake bake is the only way... I might give this a go if my Avon catalogue ever appears ;) XO

  2. I am going on holiday on Thursday and because I don't tan I thought I would cheat :P Oh I like fake bake but I can't afford it right now! Try it! xxx