Saturday, 1 May 2010

Slightly obsessed ...

is an understatement when it comes to shoes. Today I was tidying up my room so I could fit in all my uni stuff that I have bought back. I have managed to add to my shoe collection pretty rapidly since being at uni. Its quit bad really. There I am moaning on a night out that I have no shoes to wear, yet when I look at this photo that completely proves different!

I can assure all of you that this collection will have doubled in size by the end of the year. However knowing me it probably would have tripled! A girl can never have too many shoes can they? :)

Who else is a shoe addict?



  1. fabulous picture! you have so many pretty shoes! especially love the blue & grey stud sandals in front! so cute!

  2. thank you very much :) i absolutely adore shoes! think I can double it by the end of the year? I think so :D xx