Thursday, 6 May 2010

They were needed...

honestly. I was in desperate need of some new Jim Jams & panties. I know no one actually believes I bought these out of desperation but addiction. But I will have you know I was running quite low on these two necessities, well not extremely low but low enough that some purchases were in order.

I actually am in love with Primark (or Primada as some would refer to it) at the moment. They have some really nice things at such affordable prices. Especially when you're on the look for some snazzy but cheap undergarments. I mean no one really see's me in my Jim Jams or my underwear so aslong as I'm happy and comfortable I don't really mind. I just like to look nice.

For some reason my eyes always focus on anything pink. It must be that inner girly girl inside me. I love these little cute Jim Jam's at just £5.00 for the whole lot you can't go wrong can you? The little hotpants were a pack of 5 for £2 - again an absolute bargain. Alright so some of you may think my little panties aren't so sexy but I love them! I am one of these girls that adore little print pants - just like my Shaun the Sheep ones :)

Don't you all just love them?


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